Evenflo was the patent inventor of the cap held nipples on baby feeding bottles back in 1935. And people around our age mostly benefited from their innovative designs when we were babies.

We are the distributor for their USA products line up only (exclude products for China market), as we believe the slightly higher price with better quality and extra testings required by the USA authorities means more value for our customers.

In order to sell in USA, Evenflo USA products are required to go through tests by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). However, each product will have to go through different set of tests, so please refer to their individual product information to understand what tests they had gone through.

As Goodbaby International acquired Evenflo Company Inc on year 2014, Evenflo divided into two major products line up. The mass market products line up for China market, and the original designed and assembled in USA products line up. Therefore, we’re only able to provide warranty and repair service to the Evenflo USA products line up as we only get support and spare parts from the USA.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Evenflo USA, read on for their story. It’s quite an interesting read.

The Evenflo Story

Evenflo roots trace back 1920. Initially, the company was a manufacturer of products related to baby feeding. The Evenflo Feeding Division incorporated as Pyramid Rubber Company in Ravenna, Ohio on June 4th.

Infant feeding nipples were the principal product of the company until 1935 when patent rights for Evenflo’s nurser unit were secured. From 1935 through World War II, the Pyramid Rubber Company was the only manufacturer marketing standard nurser equipment featuring the first nipple that didn’t have to be pulled over the mouth of the bottle, but could be held in place on the bottle with a cap. This distinctive nipple was designed with a SURE SEAL© ring which kept the nipple from being pulled from the bottle. This signaled the start of broad scale distribution for the Evenflo line of feeding equipment.

The dedication to supporting parents, recognizing their needs and delivering innovative products, is evident early on. In 1947 recognizing a change in the way parents feed their children, Evenflo expanded operations beyond nipples to manufacture glass baby bottles by purchasing Oil City Glass Co. in Pennsylvania.

Continued innovation and expansion of operations continued. In 1960 Evenflo began marketing 12 different one-stop-shopping nursing kits, the first of its kind, offering various assortments of sterilizers, bottles, nipples and accessories.

In 1995, Evenflo Company, Inc. was created through the merger of Evenflo Juvenile Products and Evenflo Juvenile Furniture Company (formerly known as Questor Juvenile Furniture Company). For the next 18 years Evenflo Company, Inc. under various private equity firm ownership evolved. Bottle feeding, breastfeeding, car seats, strollers, home goods and more were developed and made available to parents everywhere through key partnerships with the nation’s leading retailers.

Today Evenflo Company, Inc. is still headquartered in Ohio and maintains manufacturing capability and facilities in the state of Ohio as well. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goodbaby International Holdings Limited (Goodbaby International is a durable juvenile products company that is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1086:HK), the Evenflo (and ExerSaucer) Brand continues to operate within the Americas region of Goodbaby International. The future is bright as we strive to not only build our Brands’ success, we also strive to advocate for all Brands in the Goodbaby International family; Evenflo is the gateway for their success in the US, just as they act as our catalyst for global expansion.