Established in year 2018, Bebe Bueno Group Sdn Bhd has grown from a baby products importer to Malaysia Sole Distributor for Meinkind baby products, and Malaysia Official Distributor for Evenflo USA baby products.

As an importer and distributor, we are growing our portfolio slowly, at least slower than 99% of our competitors. Our belief is that we have to like, trust, and actually tried to use the products we distribute. Before we bring in a new brand, we study all the products details under the skin. For example, how they do their R&D, the consideration behind development of each product, the machines they use for the manufacturing, and some factory visits even showed us their temperature and humidity controlled storage facilities. And the most tiring part is to study all the test reports from the manufacturers, Chinese CCC, European ECE, American FMVSS, American FAA, and of course, Malaysian JPJ.

As our customers, all you need to do is just find one that you and your baby like. Since we’ve studied all the details related to the safety and quality of the baby products, we can proudly say that all the Meinkind and Evenflo USA products we’ve imported and distributed are safe for your baby.

Also, Meinkind and Evenflo USA also supported us with common spare parts. That means, we can honour warranty claim for Meinkind and Evenflo USA products right here in Malaysia. However, due to different specifications for different markets (mainly due to different set of tests), we are only able to honour warranty claim for Malaysian market products distributed by us. So, support our fellow Malaysian retailers, and save your time if you need a warranty claim for your purchase.

Of course, we will be expanding our portfolio. In fact, we are in negotiations with a few brands currently. So, follow us on social media, and you’ll be one of the first to know when we got a new brand / new product launching in Malaysia.