We think that the Fisher Price brand needs no introduction. We’ve just imported their Baby Carrier Car Seats and Booster Seats that have the cutest and happiest looking designs. Want to know more about these products that bring smiles to your babies’ faces? Click the continue reading button.

As a Baby Gear importer, we regularly look around all the online e-commerce platforms to see what other importers bring in to Malaysia market. And after a while, we do see that almost all importers are importing stuff in only dark colours. As far as we know from our partners and retailers, this is due to the fact that dark colours are “easier” to clean and maintain, that’s why our fellow Malaysians “only” buy baby gears with dark colours.

However, we must say that this is very far from the truth. As most of our manufacturers told us that people in the developed countries generally prefers lighter colours. The reason being that it’s much easier to spot any mess on a lighter colour and clean up as soon as possible. Especially in this pandemic, cleaning frequently, or at least clean as soon as you see a mess, can really helps in at least slowing down the spread of germs and viruses.

The other problem we see is that most importers (us included) are importing baby gears that looks good to adults, or at least to those who are making the decisions to import it. Are the babies and kids who are using it everyday have the same taste for good looking products?

So, when we came across these Fisher Price car seats, our first thought was that we gotta get these to Malaysia! Of course, as we’re unsure of how these happy looking car seats will sell, we brought in extremely small quantity for each design.

So, what’s so great about these cute looking Booster Seats? Here comes the highlights.

Fisher Price FP320 Booster Seat product highlights

Our first impression is that this product really match the brand and quality of Fisher Price. The fabric is totally different from what we normally find in this price range. The soft and smooth breathable fabric, plush padding is there to keep your baby comfortable. This booster seat is ECE R44/04 certified in order for Fisher Price to sell them all around the world. Well that’s quite expected with a brand as huge as Fisher Price.

The booster seat is easy to install with seat belt retention system. No doubt it will be effective in keep your kids safe in case of a car accident. With the Fisher Price signature happy designs, or plain red on black if you’re the low profile type. At this price point, we think it’s a product that gives you much more value than what you’re paying. That’s why we’re willing to take the risk to import this Booster Seat, and we think that our fellow Malaysians will appreciate this.

As the quantity is very small that we don’t even have enough to distribute to all of our retailers. So, we’ve decided to have our warehouse service provider to help us selling these on both Shopee and Lazada. As they are experienced in selling online, we think we should be working harder to bring in more interesting products and distribute it.

So, grab these happy looking Booster Seats right here while stock last. See you next time, stay safe.