Good day mummies and daddies. We have one of our best selling convertible car seat Meinkind Monza updated and imported into Malaysia. Interested to know why Meinkind Monza series has been our best selling product? And wanna know what is updated? Click the continue reading button.

Meinkind Monza Air, like Meinkind Monza, is certified for newborn to 18kg (approximately 4 years old). Unlike the Meinkind Athena we had written about last week, Monza and Monza Air is lightweight and best for parents who want a convertible car seat that can be easily moved between multiple cars.

Meinkind Monza Air Mode 1 : Front Facing 9kg to 18kg
Meinkind Monza Air Mode 2 : Front Facing 9kg to 18kg
Meinkind Monza Air Mode 3 : Rear Facing Newborn to 9kg

The major update from Monza to Monza Air, as the name suggest, is the new breathable air mesh fabric. This is very important for our Malaysian babies as the new fabric is cooler than the previous Monza. This also means less heat strokes and less crying babies in the hot and humid Malaysian weather.

The next important update is the new light grey plastic base. Well, light grey plastic materials are a bit rare in baby car seats. The main reason being lighter colours normally attributes to higher wastage from the plastic molding process, and ultimately higher cost to produce. However, Meinkind doesn’t really face this kind of problem as their machines are mostly imported from the Germany.

As an update of an certified product with the same internal parts, it retains the ECE and also the JPJ MIROS certification. And as an updated product instead of a totally new product, we get to maintain the low price of the Meinkind Monza series. To us, that’s the most important thing we can do for our fellow Malaysians in this testing time of the “new normal”.

Meinkind Monza Pro ECE & MIROS Certification

That’s all the important updates we have for our Meinkind Monza Air. You can buy this product right here online from our warehouse service provider.

Thanks for reading folks. Stay safe and have a nice day.