We’re proud to announce that Meinkind Athena just got the certificates from JPJ and MIROS on 30th September 2020. You can read the approval and installation documentation right here.

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Meinkind Athena is a convertible baby car seat certified for newborn to 25kg (approximately 7 years old). Convertible baby car seat means that it can set to forward facing or rearward facing settings to suit your baby weight for maximum safety.

Meinkind Athena 3 Modes to suit Group 0+ Group 1 and Group 2

Within the Meinkind range of convertible baby car seat, this Meinkind Athena is easily the biggest, heaviest, and the most comfortable one to have for your precious baby.

Meinkind Athena Product Specification

The thick cushion and padding are made from breathable fabric. This would ensure maximum comfort for your baby without making him or her feels hot in this hot and humid Malaysia weather.

Meinkind Athena Breathable Fabric

Of course, to pass the ECE R44/04 test, Meinkind has put in a lot of effort in researching and developing this Meinkind Athena. For starter, the anti-slip padded 5 points harness and Holmbergs buckle is standard.

Anti-Slip shoulder pad
5 Points Harness with Holmbergs Buckle

And ISOFIX with top tether for forward facing modes are also standard.

ISOFIX with Top Tether

They even added on extra effort to make this Athena safer for side impact with the U shaped headrest.

U-Shaped Headrest for better Side Impact Protection

Of course, the hardest part to research and develop is actually the internals that we don’t get to see. According to our in house Technical Support Team, the ISOFIX steel base and the steel back frame contributes most of the weight. And the plastic materials they’ve chosen are definitely good quality that it’s flexible but not brittle.

Meinkind Athena Internal Parts View

That’s quite all of the important stuff we need to say for Meinkind Athena. However, this Meinkind Athena is heavy for sure. If you plan to just install in one car and leave it there, this is the one to go for as it’s the most comfortable convertible car seat from Meinkind. If you plan to buy only one baby car seat and use it on multiple cars, you can check out our newly updated Meinkind Monza Pro.

You can buy it right here online from our warehouse service provider.

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