Meinkind is a very interesting company to us. They have a German brand name but they never tried to set up a mailing address in Germany and try to sell themselves as a German brand. As you can see from their official website at, Fujian Meinkind Baby Products are written all over the website. We love them for being honest and not trying to mislead consumers as we have the same belief.

According the Meinkind CEO, the German name came to him when he was traveling around Germany shopping for manufacturing machines. Yes, you read it right, they’re using mostly German machines in their factories. Located in Fujian China means they have lower manufacturing cost and able to sell at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. All Meinkind products are ECE certified and they’re selling to 50 over countries around the world.

As the sole distributor in Malaysia, we Bebe Bueno Group Sdn Bhd has our own technical support team to cover warranty claims and repair service. Also, we stock some of the common parts so warranty claims are normally resolved in 2 weeks. However, due to our store capacity constraint, we cannot stock every single part. So some of the very rare issues might require a month to resolve as we need to wait for parts shipment from Fujian China. This 2 weeks to 1 month warranty claim time might sound very long to you. But trust us, it’s much faster than sending the whole unit to China and back. As bulky items that we can only afford to use sea freight, the turn around time for a sea freight is already longer than 1 month. That’s why we’re investing heavily on technical support team to serve our customer better.

As a side note, some of you might be tempted to buy Meinkind products from overseas sellers like Amazon or eBay. We have to be clear that we cover warranty for Meinkind products imported by Bebe Bueno Group Sdn Bhd only. As most of the Meinkind products you bought from overseas sellers are actually overseas versions (most require different set of local tests) even the products might carry the same name. That means we would not have the required spare parts to cover the international warranty.

So, support local economy and buy from local sellers. You can put food on the table for fellow Malaysians. And also enjoy faster turn around time if your Meinkind products need warranty claim.