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Warranty Registration

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Terms & Conditions

1. “Warranty” : Purchased items will have One (1) Year Warranty against manufacturing defects only unless specified otherwise in writing. The warranty period starts from purchase date of the product and ceases upon expiration of the period. Original purchase Invoice /or Cash Receipts /or Cash Bills (Documents), showing date of purchase and product description, is proof of date of purchase. Bebe Bueno Gorup Sdn. Bhd. (BBG) reserves the rights to change duration of warranty period with / or without notice.

This warranty appliles only to purchases made in Malaysia on or after the effective date identified above, and only covers genuine products. This warranty is only valid in Malaysia and is subject to the laws of Malaysia. To the extend permitted by local law and subject to the terms of this warranty, BBG will, at its option, render the said mentioned product to an operational condition as intended by BBG‘s specifications free of charge, where there is a fault with the product which is a consequence of the manufacturer’s defect in materials or workmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, purchasers must provide us with notice of a defect (related documents*) during warranty period in accordance with warranty claim procedures as indicated.

2. Customers MUST send affected unit back to BBG Service Centers to determine fault of item. BBG with due diligence will check and inspect the said mentioned affected item to determine plausible cause for claim. BBG reserves the right to validate and approve the claim or “reject” claim. “Reject” claim – outside scope of manufacturing defects**. BBG reserves the rights NOT to state /or made known reason of rejected claims.

3. Warranty does NOT cover Exchange and/or Return (refer to Goods Policy clause). Warranty covers only replacement of items on manufacturing defects only.

4. “Goods Policy” – the said mentioned items in good faith, will be shipped out in good and workable condition. No Exchange or Return allowed once prevailing order had been fulfilled and completed. “Fulfilled and Completed” – means once documentation had been issued and items shipped out. (Non applicable to warranty claims – refer to warranty clause).

5. “Items / Inventory” – BBG in good faith, will ship out items in their original packaging by their respective Brand owners, unless specified otherwise.

6. Purchasers are advised to do online registration as relates to “Warranty” of products. This is to activate and enforce the product warranty period, which ensures /or enable manufacturing defects claim in event it occurred. Your product must be registered with BBG before a warranty claim may be processed. Therefore, it is important to register upon purchase of item.

7. You shall register item with BBG in a manner of 30 days from within the stipulated purchase time period on or in the documents (Invoice /or Cash Sales /or Cash Bill, etc.)

8. Where Online Registration is permitted by BBG, you shall register items at online registration page – www.bebebueno.com/warranty. For every successful online warranty registration, there will be additional 1 year warranty if it is registered within Thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

9. Once your “warranty claim” affected product is received by BBG, we will investigate cause of problem /or, and if fault with the item is a consequence of manufacturer’s defect in materials or workmanship, BBG will, at its option, repair, replace, or refund the item.

10. Replacement / Refund – to the extent permitted by local law, products presented for repair may be replaced by new/or refurbished products of same type, rather than being repaired. Or New or/ refurbished parts may be used to repair product. The replacement of product or a part, DO NOT extends or restart existing warranty period.

11. All components parts or hardware products removed under this warranty will become property of BBG unless otherwise stipulated by applicable local law.

12. In the unlikely event that your product has recurring failures or BBG determines it is unable to repair or replace the product, BBG, at its option, may choose to give you a refund or credit (based upon your purchase price) instead of a replacement.

13. **Warranty Exclusions and Limitations : This warranty does not apply to fabric, wheels parts, accessories and consumable items.

14. **In addition, this warranty does not cover any of the followings :

 14a. normal wear and tear; any damages, defects, malfunctioning, and/or non-functioning of consumables which by nature require periodic replacement, including the following :

For Warmers : plastic covers and rubber parts, casings, power cables, bottle mini tray /or stand, rubber and plastic parts;

For Food Processors : plastic covers and rubber parts, casings, power cables, blades, rubber and plastic parts;

For Car Seats & Strollers : warranty covers only the item frame – joints and parts. Fabric and wheels are excluded from warranty.

14b. any damages and failures arising from any usage, attachment, installation or connection to, in or with the product, of any non-genuine products (including consumables, accessories, hardware, equipment, part or programs);

14c. any damages, dents, defacement, scratches, stains, or marks however caused to product’s external covers / panels;

14d. any damages, defects, malfunctions or non-functioning to or in the product howsoever arising from, caused by or incidental to any external cause (including accidents, fire, lightning, Act of God, exposure to water or moisture, or cause by insects, pests or of whatever kind, or caused by or during any or any attempted burglary, theft and/or riot), and any corrosion, rust, staining or any other such like matters;

14e. any damages and failures arising from aby abuse and/or negligence of any end-users or third parties, howsoever defined;

14f. any damages and failures arising from the use of the product contrary to its manuals and/or users guides;

 14g. any damages and failures arising from the services (including but not limited to any modification, disassembling or repair) in relation to the products given by any service providers or personnel not authorized by BBG;

14h. any damages and failures arising from or due to external effects such as power supply (including fluctuations /or power surges)

14i. any malfunction, defects, or damage arising from shipping or storage of products; falsification of serial number of devices, serial number of Warranty certificate or the date;

14j. the dropping of any object, fluid inside the products or its mechanical parts;

14k. setup of products in a location exposed to direct sunlight, blocked ventilation slots, unstable surface, power extension cords or adaptors, insufficient space, extreme temperatures;

14l. any products that are not properly installed, maintained, stored or used; or any damages and failures due to virus, infection, worm, or similar malicious code not introduced by BBG.

15. **Upon occurrence of any of these events, BBG may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate the warranty and treat the warranty as null and void. Upon such termination, BBG will no longer be liable or responsible to carry out any Warranty Work for your product due to any defect even if it is still within the said warranty period.

15a. any assignment, sale or transfer of the product by the customer to any other party;

15b. any adjustment, modification, maintenance, service, repair or work of whatever kind carried out to the product by any part that is not duly authorized by BBG;

15c. any act, deed or thing done not in accordance with information or manual supplied with the product, or BBG’s instructions howsoever given and wherever contained;

15d. any abuse (including rough handling / transportation), negligent act of use, misuse, tampering or wrongful management of the product including failure or neglect to maintain correct environmental conditions such as air quality, humidity or temperature, or failure to maintain correct and proper inspection, maintenance and service schedules recommended for product; or any damage or tampering of the serial number on the product, or any alteration to the Warranty certificate, Warranty’s registration number or product’s proof of purchase;

 Privacy Disclaimer :

User’s information gathered from this website will ONLY be used by Bebe Bueno Group Sdn Bhd (BBG) for marketing purposes. We DO NOT and WILL NOT share or sell users information to any other third parties. BBG makes no other express warranty or conditions whether written or oral and, only to extend permitted by law, BBG expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions NOT stated in this warranty.

To the extend that the above information and warranty services, and terms of any part thereof is inconsistent with local law, the warranty services and terms or the corresponding part SHALL be deemed modified to be consistent with such local law. Except to the extent lawfully permitted, this warranty DO NOT include, restrict, or modify BUT are in addition to the mandatory statutory consumer rights applicable to the sale of this product to you (the said mentioned “Purchaser” or “Buyer“)